5 tips to prepare for a tech free day

5 tips to prepare for a tech free day

On average, we reach for a piece of technology (usually our cell phones) once every 10 minutes and it's getting more frequent! That's 96 times a day! Imagine doing anything else 96 times a day? Eating? Brushing your teeth? Using the bathroom?

In my recent blog I shared a few tips on how to reduce tech time 

In this blog, let's take the next step towards tech free time, maybe even a whole day?

FOMO is real! The fear of missing out stems from the importance of knowing what is happening around us for our own survival. This deeply rooted fear has helped our survival, however with social media and 24 hour news coverage,it is also triggering unnecessary stress.

Our constant access to technology makes us distracted and takes us away from being in the present moment.

Here are 5 tips on preparing to be tech free:

1. Plan ahead. If the only way that you know what time it is is from your phone, consider getting another form of time display.

2. Plan ahead. Inform friends and family. Ensuring your nearest and dearest are fully aware that you will be unable to answer their calls or texts will reduce your stress and theirs!

3. Plan ahead. What will you do? Have books to read or a magazine. If you plan to cook, remember to use an old fashioned recipe book or print the recipe before your tech free time starts.

4. Plan ahead. If reaching for your phone to order food is your usual MO, remember to go grocery shopping and stock up with food and snacks before hand.

5. During the week before your tech free time, notice what reasons you have for reaching for your phone or jumping on your laptop. All of those reasons will be going away, plan ahead and know that in advance.

Finally, I do recommend that you journal the experience, notice what comes up for you during some tech free time.