5 tips to reduce tech time and create extra time for you.

5 tips to reduce tech time and create extra time for you.

Five tips on reducing the amount of tech time

Fill in the gap: "I don't have time to " . . . . " 

How often have you said  "I don't have time to meditate" or "I don't have time to exercise". . . there are many "I don't have time" statements, which one have you said out loud?

On average, we spend 144 minutes, or two hours and twenty-four minutes just on social media per DAY. 

Over TWO HOURS just scrolling. What could you do with an extra 2 hours per day? What books would you choose to read? What exercise would you do? What new hobby would you learn?

Here's a few ideas on how to reduce tech time allowing you to discover extra time in your day . . . 

1. Allocate specific times to check your phone.

Start by taking control of the amount of time you allocate to scrolling through your phone. This is an effective way of reducing screen time.

2. No more notifications 

Take control of what YOU want your phone to notify you with. Switch off the notifications from various apps.

3. Leave your phone in a different room 

Take control of where you leave your device. We presume that we need to be close to our phones 24/7, in most cases, we don't.

This is important especially at night; leave your phone outside of the room you sleep in.

4. Delete social media apps

Take control of social media scrolling by deleting the app from your phone. This saves hours of time. When you decide to visit a social media app, you can always login when it is right for you, rather than reactivating to a notification. 

5. Silence your phone, or switch it off

Take control of your phone by switching it to silence or even switching it off.  By switching the device to silent you can decide when to check your phone rather than reacting.

These are some ways to start to reclaim 2 hours of your day - what will you do with all that time?