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  • yoga mat holder slings with pocket
  • YP fabric available
  • yoga mat not included
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Yoga Mat Carrier Sling with Pocket

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This Yoga mat strap is designed to carry a yoga mat. In addition, there is a hidden zipper pocket big enough to store a cell phone. Within the zipper pocket is a D-ring to hook your keys onto.

Looking for a way to carry a yoga mat and simple essentials? Our Yoga Mat sling is designed to carry a few essentials and a yoga mat therefore  you will have everything you need for yoga in one stylish place.

Yoga Mat Sling carrier

  1. Featuring an inner zipper pocket.
  2. Small pocket for wallet, keys, and phone
  3. D-ring for easy access to keys.
  4. Made with in Las Vegas, NV

This simple yoga mat strap purse is a great way of carrying simple essentials and a yoga mat, as a result you have everything you need for yoga practice in one place.

New Styles Yoga Mat Carrier in various fabric designs including:

  1. Orange with pink paisley
  2. Psychedelic
  3. Flowers with black background
  4. Flowers with cream background
  5. terracotta paisley
  6. Light grey flowers
  7. Gray with blooms
  8. Bright colors
  9. Black with tiny polka dots

Fabrics are constantly being added.

Follow us on instagram for the most up to date designs available.

This product is designed to make it effortless to take your yoga mat wherever you go. The yoga mat carrier is decorated with a stylish pattern and fitted with a convenient pocket. The strap helps ensure a comfortable, secure fit as you carry your mat. The pocket makes it easier to keep small items at hand such as your keys, wallet, or phone.