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Yoga Mat Holder | Blue Eyes

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Yoga Purse: a stylish and versatile yoga mat holder. Blue eyes

patterns on a white background.

Yoga Mat Holder Purse: designed to carry your essentials and a yoga mat therefore will have everything you need for yoga in one stylish place.

Created for yoga, in other words designed with you in mind :-)

Inner shallow tote bag inside the Yoga Mat Holder

  1. Featuring an inner pocket; therefore you have a place to keep your keys.
  2. Shallow tote;  for instance a place for your water bottle, purse, and phone
  3. Easy access to yoga mat
  4. Made with Organic Cotton

Outer wrap yoga mat carrier

  1. Made from a traditional Indian Kantha Quilt.
  2. Hand stitching details.
  3. Easy access to yoga mat, in other words a purse designed for yoga.

Yoga Purse is proudly made in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Colors on this Yoga Mat Holder Purse are representative of these chakras:

 The color associated with Ajna Chakra is Blue.

  • Ajna is the third eye chakra, which represents knowledge, intuition.

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In conclussion, Yoga Purse was created out of personal frustration for not being able to find a suitable bag to carry a yoga mat AND essentials.