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Yoga Purse

Touch Stones Positive Words | Modern Stylish | White Glazed Pottery

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Touch Stones with positive words provide an elegant and modern way to fill your home with uplifting words as a result you home will be filled with positivity. Handcrafted in white glazed pottery, these unique pieces feature encouraging, uplifting words to motivate and inspire. Find a lasting reminder of joy and optimism in your home with touch stones.

  • Love
  • Bliss
  • Courage
  • Inspire
  • Gratitude
  • Dream
  • Courage
  • Believe

Made in Los Angeles. White glazed pottery.

Buy 1 touch stone, get 2nd touch stone for 15% off

Use these touch stones with positive words as a tool, they will help promote positive thinking, mindfulness, and emotional wellbeing.

Examples of positive messages that can be found on touch stones include "hope", "love", "peace", "joy", "gratitude", "courage", "strength", and "believe in yourself". These messages can serve as a reminder to stay focused on the present moment and to maintain a positive outlook on life, even during challenging times.

Touch stones with positive words can be used in many ways:

  • carried in a pocket, 
  • placed on a desk or altar,
  • or used during meditation or mindfulness practices.

Above all, you will discover new ways to use them.

Place your touch stone on a coffee table, therefore each time you see it you will be reminded, for instance when I walk past my gratitude stone, I am instantly reminded to practice gratefulness.

They can also be given as gifts to friends and loved ones as a way to offer encouragement and support.

Designed and created in Los Angeles, CA for Yoga Purse, each touch stone is unique  in size and shape. The size is approximately 3" x 2" (will vary).

Buy 1 touch stone, get 2nd touch stone for 15% off