Yoga Mat Storage Baskets

Yoga Mat Storage Ideas

Whether you practice from home or need a place to store your yoga mat between visits to the studio, here are some ideas on how and where to store a yoga mat:

Baskets are a fun way of storing yoga mats, especially for a home practice Yoga Mat Storage Ideas

Yoga Mat Shelf. There are various shelving units designed specifically to store a yoga mat. These shelves are a great place to store blocks and straps too.

I found this lovely wooden shelf on Etsy.

Yoga Mat Shelving
Use other furniture! Coffee tables or side tables often have space just above floor level. yoga mat storage ideas
Yoga Purse. Hang a Yoga Purse on a hook and you have a bright fun place to store a yoga mat. Ready for home practice and when you are heading out to the studio Yoga Mat Hanging storage idea