Yoga Expo Conference Pasadena 2023

Yoga Expo Conference Pasadena 2023


Yoga Expo here we come!

Last weekend, I took a flight from Las Vegas to LAX. I usually book an aisle seat, however for this trip, I decided to request a window seat. The sunrise take off from Harry Reid Airport was stunning!

The reason for my trip was to be a vendor at the Yoga Expo LA in Pasadena.

As we taxied to take off, I took a photo of the Alliegent Stadium in Las Vegas, forty minutes later on our descent into LAX, I took this photo of Sofi Stadium in LA.

The journey to LA was well worth it. The Expo in Pasadena was an incredible event. The energy and vibe in the convention center was magical.

I'm already looking forward to Yoga Expo 2024!

Sofi Stadium Los Angeles