full worm moon

The Full Worm Moon

The Full Worm Moon

March’s full Moon, the Worm Moon, reaches peak illumination on the morning of Tuesday, March 7, 2023. Look for it in the evening of Monday, March 6, as the Moon rises above the horizon!

The Full Worm Moon is a traditional name for the full moon that occurs in March. It is also sometimes called the Full Sap Moon or the Lenten Moon. The name "Worm Moon" comes from the fact that the thawing of the ground during this time of year causes earthworms to emerge, which in turn attracts birds and other animals that feed on them.

The Full Worm Moon has been given various names by different cultures throughout history, with each name reflecting the unique seasonal and cultural characteristics of the time of year in which it occurs. For example, Native American tribes in the northeastern United States called this moon the "Maple Sugar Moon," as March is the time when maple sap begins to flow.

The Full Worm Moon typically occurs in late February or early March, depending on the lunar cycle. It is a time of new growth and renewal, as spring begins to emerge from the dormant winter months. In many cultures, the Full Worm Moon is seen as a time for cleansing and purification, both of the body and the mind, as well as for setting intentions for the year ahead.