Chakra meanings - Muladhara Root Chakra - The Base Chakra

Chakra meanings - Muladhara Root Chakra - The Base Chakra

Muladhara Chakra - Root Support Root Chakra

The base chakra known as the Muladhara Chakra governs our sense of belonging, our sense of safety and stability.

This chakra is developed during the early stages of development, during the first year of infancy. During this time a baby is reliant on their primary care giver. It is during this growth period that an infant is developing extremely quickly, however unlike many other species, the human infant requires constant care and nourishment. Anyone who has had a baby or is around little ones knows that a baby sleeps, eats, poops on repeat!  

This is the time of survival and creating a sense of safety from our mother, parents or primary care givers.

The root chakra represents how we show up in the world. How we feel supported by Mother Earth and how we feel secure as we walk the planet. When this energy wheel is balanced we will feel secure and grounded. This security will lead to feelings of stability and transformation. When our base chakra is stable, we can use that stability to create flexibility and courage.

In-balances in the Muladhara chakra occur at any time in our life, when we feel insecure. When we feel insecure we will be fearful, the shadow for Muladhara Chakra is fear. This leads us to play out our fear in various ways, including the role of The Victim. 

In-balances in this chakra may show up physically in how we stand on our feet. They can show up as being unsure about setting boundaries.

The color for Muladhara Chakra is Red.

Some healing and wellness strategies to support the chakra would be to reconnect to our body, perhaps through hatha yoga. Massage brings a sense of touch. Mantras that remind us of our right to be here are also important.

Lifestyle suggestions would include connecting with the earth and nature by going for a walk. Also, gardening, re-pottng plants and connecting to the soil.

Lovingly prepare a meal for yourself. The food associated with this root chakra is protein, however I would also consider any root vegetables.

Have a massage or any other body work. Gentle is the way to go, especially if this root chakra is not balanced.