Celtic Yule Traditions

Celtic Yule Traditions

Yule 2022 will begin on Wednesday December 21 and ends on Sunday January 1, 2023.

The Celtic people, who lived in what is now Europe and the British Isles, celebrated the winter solstice with a festival called Yule. Yule was a time of feasting, gift-giving, and religious rituals, and was celebrated over a period of several days.

One of the main features of Yule was the Yule log, which was a large log that was burned in the hearth as a symbol of the returning sun. The Yule log was often decorated with evergreen boughs, which were symbols of life and rebirth.

Another important aspect of Yule was the gathering of mistletoe, which was considered a sacred plant by the Celts. Mistletoe was believed to have magical properties, and was often used in religious rituals and as a cure for various ailments.

Yule was also a time for feasting and celebrating with friends and family. The Celts would often have large feasts, and would exchange gifts with each other. These gifts were often handmade or hand-crafted, and were given as tokens of friendship and goodwill.

Today, many people still celebrate Yule and the winter solstice, and continue to carry on the traditions of the ancient Celts. These traditions often include the burning of a Yule log, the gathering of mistletoe, and the exchange of gifts with friends and family.