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Yoga Mat Holder - Kantha Quilt Design - Blue & White Geometric

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This Yoga Purse is designed to carry your essentials and a yoga mat in one bag.

The inside tote bag is made from organic cotton. Featuring an inner pocket. This shallow tote is a perfect place to carry a water bottle, purse, keys and phone.

The outer wrap in made from a traditional Indian Kantha Quilt with white background with blue geometric design. This can carry a yoga mat. The kantha quilt has hand stitching details.

Due to the nature of the fabric, each purse is very unique and may not match the image exactly. Please contact me directly if you have questions. Yoga Mat is not included.

Yoga Purse is proudly made in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The bright blue color of this piece represents the color associated with Vishuda Chakra. This chakra is situated in the throat.  This chakra governs our communication, including speech and other forms of communication such as singing, chanting and all forms of creativity. This chakra also includes the skill of active listening. For more information on the colors associated with the chakra system, visit this blog post.