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  • yoga mat carrier purse bag and tote bag
  • side view yoga mat carrier with elephants
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Yoga Mat Carrier | Repurposed Sari Fabric | Elephants

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Our Yoga Mat Purse has a pocket and are designed to carry your essentials and a yoga mat as a result you will have everything you need for yoga in one stylish place.

  • Designed for Yoga

The inside tote bag with pocket

  1. Featuring an inner pocket
  2. Shallow tote for water bottle, purse, keys, and phone
  3. Easy access to yoga mat
  4. Made with Organic Cotton

The outer wrap

  1. Made from a traditional Indian Kantha Quilt.
  2. Hand stitching details
  3. Easy access to yoga mat

This yoga mat carrier purse with a pocket can carry a yoga mat and your essentials, as a result you have everything you need for yoga practice in one place.

Made in Las Vegas.